About the Campaign

Over the course of the last several months, we are proud to have talked to thousands of West Hollywood residents. The conversation we were having with people was about much more than one hotel development. Many people we spoke with were disillusioned by the never-ending amount of development taking place in West Hollywood, and felt that West Hollywood was losing the essential character and culture that made it what it was.

Often, our conversations centered on the need for more affordable housing, on the erosion of the quality of life in West Hollywood due to worsening traffic, noise, and construction. It was a common sentiment that members of the community felt forgotten amid all the luxury development.

The Arts Club Project, even more than previous projects, exemplifies that sentiment. With its decision last week, the City Council gave a massive entitlement package to a project, that will function as an exclusive, invitation-only club developed solely for the elite.  Many of us won’t even be allowed to enter the Club. We think it is time to pause luxury developments like this one in West Hollywood and focus on affordable housing. In the coming weeks, we will be launching a petition on the Arts Club Project, and a hotel moratorium initiative that would give voters a say on these issues.

Jorge S.

Jorge S.

“I have lived in West Hollywood for 19 years and have loved my community here. But, recently I have had so many friends and neighbors move away, because they can’t afford it anymore. I feel like we are losing our community that we all love. It’s time for a change—we need more affordable housing for our people.”

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